Core Evolution Engineering Teams and how they work: ProdOps and SRE

Evolution presenting new products at ICE London, February 2020
Nikita is responsible for systems engineering, infrastructure, IT systems and service support within Evolution

“One of the priorities for me was to build a department that I would love to be working at myself as a hands-on Engineer.”

Dmitry is responsible for the SRE department within Evolution

“It was a complex task involving most of the Evolution Engineering teams. The biggest challenge was to migrate all infrastructure components during a couple of hours of downtime and coordinate multiple teams’ actions, such as — global network switchover, all database failover to new datacenter and promotion to the primary source of data. We had to ensure our main application backend migration went smooth and that all supporting microservices were properly tested before launching to real customers.”

Infrastructure Architect addressing challenges of establishing a viable tech stack for constantly growing infrastructure

“We start to practice chaos engineering techniques in the SRE and other Evolution Engineering departments. We want to be confident in our systems’ reliability and that the failure recovery mechanisms and overall stack resilience are constantly validated. For that, Product and Data Engineering teams are involved, so that the overall system state assessment procedures can be developed.”



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